Like Will Ferrell, Kevin Nealon and Bob Newhart, Todd Barry is cursed with being naturally funny. Everything he says, whether reading a cereal box or telling a “knock knock” joke, just sounds funny. He has recently been named a “hot twitterer,” so the Dig tweeted advice on what questions to ask him, and some of those made the cut.

You’ve been named a hot twitterer!

Oh yeah, by that one person with curious taste.

Any advice to up-and-coming tweeters?

Think before you tweet.

Twitter told me you had a shitty bran muffin.

Yeah. Huge news.


From Twitter: Were you ever a prop comic?

No, I was never a prop guy. For the most part, a talker.

Once a prop guy, you’re always a prop guy.

I think that some guys change.

Twitter reminded me you were in The Wrestler. What movie were you in that people may not know?

Actually, it’s weird you mentioned prop comics ’cause in Police Academy 5, if you look really closely, you can see me and Carrot Top hanging out in an airport scene.

From Twitter: What was the first lunchbox you owned?

I think I had that plaid one that some people have.

I had a Dukes of Hazzard one. That was my big pride and joy.

I know I had at least two of them. I don’t remember what it was, but I bet it’s worth a million dollars right now.

Twitter wants me to ask you about Delocated. Is it a cartoon?

No, it’s on the Cartoon Network, but I think it’s their first live action. It’s about a family who’s in the witness protection program, who are also picked to do a reality show. So it’s about the reality show about the people in the witness protection program. It’s a fake reality show. It’s a show about a reality show.

Twitter asks: Do you ever do impersonations or ventriloquism?

Never did any of that. There’s been times I’ve done stuff for groups that aren’t full-time comedy clubs. Bring people on stage, show some things. Some sort of prop-y type thing.

Never been an R-rated hypnotist?

No, I’ve never done the R-rated hypnotist thing. Those guys do well.

I don’t know if people are really hypnotized or if they’re just playing along.

Yeah, I don’t know. It could be what hypnosis is all about.

You were on Dr. Katz. Did he ever hypnotize anyone?

No, I don’t think he was a licensed hypnotist. Or even a therapist, actually.

You have to be licensed to be a hypnotist?

Yeah, I think you might have to, yeah.

What determines if you’re licensed or not?

I don’t know. I think you might have to take a course or something.

I don’t think there are courses for “Learn To Be a Hypnotist.”

Don’t you have to learn everything in life?

Twitter wanted me to ask you about Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

I was Romulox, which was a tar-pit monster. I’m in an upcoming episode. I’m going to play some various birds.

Any particular kind of birds?

No, I just hope my bird voice is left.


What’s a bird voice?

My normal voice.