As the coolest band in Boston, HTH has a lot to live up to. This EP compiles the tracks they’ve posted on spin-party blogs like Stereogum and Largehearted Boy, plus a few live tracks. The difference being, those were recorded on 8-track while these have been mastered and maintained by an expert. The blowing-up Boston scene (in case you’ve been hiding in your closet for the last three years) is honestly, truly off to the races (really!) and HTH are the aesthetic front-runner at the quarter mile marker. Their layered, anthemic vocals and raw sound (trumpets!) combine for a warm, welcoming fireplace-rock sound that you want to spoon with. Check out “Let It Wave” for an idea of what I’m talking about. Let’s hope these guys don’t think it’s a good idea to move to Brooklyn (Williamsborg, innit?). That would suck.