Russel Wilson’s First Wife – Ashton Meem (Instagram Wiki)

Russel Wilson, the popular quarterback of Seattle Seahawks, is currently the husband of Ciara (the famous female musician). In 2015, they made their debut at the White House dinner for Japan, and finally, they got married at the Peckforton Castle, Cheshire, England. This came shortly after they got engaged during a vacation in Seychelles. Right now, Wilson and Ciara are expecting a second child.

Most people are not aware that before this marriage, Russel Wilson was formerly married to a different woman. Her name is Ashton Meem. It is rumored that their marriage crashed due to marital unfaithfulness on her part. It is said that she had an affair with one of Russell’s teammates. However, we don’t know much about Meem’s relationship life right now but she has refused to remarry after the divorce. For more information about Meem, her rumored divorce and the recent shade she got from one of the sport analysts, read on.

How Russell Wilson and Ashton Meem met and Married

Ashton Meem was born in Richmond, Virginia, in on September 6th, 1987, to the family of Molly and Lang Meem. She went on to attend high school at St. Catherine High School.  It was during her high school days around 2006 that she first encountered her former husband Wilson, who at that time was a fellow collegiate just a short distance away from her school.

According to Meem, in an interview she had with, she noted that they first met during their high school days, and then after, they met again during a summer party. It was after that time that they got into a relationship together, which eventually led to marriage.

Their relationship started as a long-distance one because they were students attending different universities. Meem was a student at the University of Georgia while her ex-husband was a student at North Carolina State University. Due to the love bond between the duo, Meem later decided to do a transfer to his school so that to bridge the distance between them. Finally, In 2010, Meem graduated from the University earning a B.An in Communication.

The two love birds finally took the relationship further on the 14th day of January 2012 where they tied the knot in marriage. Soon after, Ciara had a son for him, who they named Future Zahir Wilburn.

Considering the  love they both had for each other and how long they had been together before they finally decided to get married, one would expect that their love will keep blossoming, especially as they have a son together. Wilson made a rather shocking announcement in April 2014 when he declared that he and his ex-wife Meem had decided to end their marriage.

For now, there is no tangible evidence that can be pointed to as the reason behind the divorce. The duo refuse to speak much about what could have transpired behind the scenes. In a statement published in The Seattle Times, Wilson announced that he was responsible for the decision to file for the divorce. He noted that even though it was a difficult decision for both of them, and it was in their best interest to part ways.

He went on to plead for prayers from friends and well-wishers. However, he demanded that his privacy be respected and that his decision should not be questioned.

Rumor of Cheating

When events like this involving a celebrity figure come up, it is common to see many versions of stories by bloggers and clout chasers. This divorce case is not any different and whatever we are reporting here is based on speculations and shouldn’t be taken as a final authority.

Several speculations as to why their divorce came up and one of the most notable of them was that Meem had cheated with Golden Tate, who was one of Wilson’s teammate at the time. However, both parties have denied the rumor, and even the ex-husband has refused to give any details regarding the true reason behind his decision.

In an interview, Tate categorically stated that he neither had a relationship with Russell’s wife nor had any role in their divorce. Meem dismissed the rumors that were making the rounds on media as false and downright laughable. In her statement, she emphasized their past, how they had been friends for many years. She also added that whoever was responsible for making the story up was being irresponsible. She added it was immoral to tarnish her reputation with unfounded reports.

Since the duo i.e. Russell and Meem have decided to keep mute about what truly transpired between them that led to the abrupt break in their marriage, we cannot say for certain if she truly cheated or if cheating was the reason behind Wilson calling it quit.

Meem Was Shaded by an Analyst

Ever since the divorce between Wilson and Meem, she stayed away from the spotlight for a long time. However, her name made headlines during the 2020 NFL Draft, where she was shaded by one of the analysts, Emmanuel Acho. This happened around April 2020. Coming from an analyst, it could seem like he already took sides with the rumor. However, it was a shade and he never mentioned any names. This was through a tweet that triggered mixed reactions.

Some Twitter users were not happy with the comment and stood up to defend her, while some other users noted that Meem had shaded her ex-husband new wife Ciara for on several occasions too. One of such instances was when Wilson proposed to Ciara using a 5- carat diamond. Meem’s responded by changing her profile picture on Facebook with an 8-carat rock her ex had given her in the past. They claimed that since she has been taunting her ex new wife, she also deserved to be served a slice of the pie.

However, Meem has since remained single after her divorce with Wilson Russell. However, it seems she is just fine with her present state.