Last night, I had the privelage of gracing the Bar Mitzvah celebration of a former camper of mine. His older sister, a good friend of mine from college, persuaded our gentile friends with the prospect of an open bar to get tanked and shake our money-makers to the sweet sounds of the 80s and early 90s. I must preface this story with a few points. First, I did not use a Bar Mitzvah as an excuse to get drunk and make a scene: if that’s what you were expecting, I recommend you read Tucker Max’s stories or some equally tasteless crap. Second, my wonderful camper’s 13 year old friends are much mroe immature than I remember being, the references to my friend E’s “tittyballs” ranking at somewhere around 17 or 18 by the time the little shits called it in for the night (at 11…thank God the Rye Hilton’s bars are well-stocked and flexible with thier hours).

Anyway, a few whiskey’s in I was engaged in a casual conversation with the DJ, who, apart from getting demands for the “Thong Song” by unwanted brats every Saturday, produces mash-ups on his free time. Amsued by my whiskey-fueled demands for “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun,” Donnie ended up playing me a mash-up between Cyndi Lauper and English rapper Dizzee Rascal’s ‘Fix Up, Look Sharp’ by The Hood Internet, a Chicago-based band specializing in mash-ups of hip-hop with indee rock. You can find it here. Needless to say, I was impressed (although through my Jim Beam haze I mistook Dizzee Rascal for Rick Ross. Anyway, the music is fresh and the mixtapes exceed expectations. Some videos of thier other mash-ups are available on YouTube.

Eve vs. Radiohead:

Omarion vs. Mylo:

The duo recently graced the stages of an SXSW concert in Austin, but the chances of catching these guys somewhere in Boston seem minimal at best. I don’t typically follow the works of mash-up artists, but these gents deserve to be watched…