Ari Melber’s Wife Drew Grant – Married, Salary, Net Worth Wiki

Drew Grant can best be described as a multi-talented woman. She is an actress, a journalist, and an editor. She was born in Brooklyn, New York, United States on the 25th of May, 1972 and grew up in Delaware, United States. Not a lot is known about Drew Grant’s family. She, however, has a sister called Hannah Grant.

There are really no details about Drew’s high school. She, however, graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in English and Literature from Oberlin College in 2006.

About Drew Grant’s Career

Drew Grant has always been very expressive and she has had a prominent career in the years she has been practising her profession. After graduating in 2006, Drew got a job as a Pop Culture Editorial Assistant. This was her first job and it came in 2007. She maintained this job in for 18 months before moving to something bigger.

After Drew left, she got a job as an editor for a firm known as Jossip Initiatives. She worked with this entertainment blog publishing company for 10 months before going in to work with a host of other firms. Some of these firms are Nerve Online and Crushable Online.

Although Drew started working a year after graduating. She had to wait until September 2011 before she began getting the right dividends from her career. In September 2011, she began working for the New York Observer as a staff writer. She worked on this job for just five months. Although she did not spend a lot of time working for the New York Observer, she got a good deal of recognition from the job.

While working for the New York Observer, she ran a blog by the side. On this blog, she reviewed the most recent episodes of famous television series, as well as shows. The combination of her blog and her role at the New York Observer helped her get recognized. While getting recognized was good, she did not stop at that. She exploited the opportunity and got to the next phase in her career.

Drew got an appointment to be the Managing Editor for Real Clear Life and this changed her life completely. This job came in November 2017 and it was in this same year she relocated to Los Angeles.

Drew maintained her role as a Managing Editor for Real Clear Life between November 2017 and April 2018. Her next job was at Rankers. Here she worked as a writer and a list maker.

Although Drew is now a freelance writer, her last job before becoming a freelancer was at Collider. She worked as a Senior Editor at this firm for 7 months. Drew is currently an entertainment consultant and an on-air personality.

What Effect Did Being a Freelancer and Working at the New York Observer Have on Drew’s Life?

There are various aspects of Drew’s career. One of the most important is the time she spent working at the New York Observer. She did not spend a lot of time working here. Nonetheless, she put in a lot of work and that did not go unnoticed. When she joined the New York Observer, she worked as a staff writer. After working for a while, she got promoted to the role of an Arts and Entertainment Editor.

Although working at the New York Observer played a major role in shaping Drew’s career, working as a freelancer also helped her get ahead in her career. A blend of her being a freelance writer and working for the New York Observer made it possible for her to write for the AV Club, for Bunny Ears, and Forbes. That’s not all. Her job as a freelance writer has also given her the freedom to explore other opportunities outside writing. She now works as an actress and has made an appearance in Law and Order: Special Victims Unit.

Having a regular job as a writer might stand in one’s way of working with publications such as the New York Post, Cosmopolitan, Maxim, and the New York Times. However, working as a freelance writer has made it possible for Drew to write for these publications.

Although Drew Grant has worked with different prominent publications, one of the most important positions she has held in her role as a freelance writer for Forbes. In 2018, she worked with Forbes for 6 months.

While Drew only made an appearance in a single episode of Law and Order: Special Victims Unit, that did not in any way stop her from further expressing herself so long pop culture is concerned. As one that is expressive about pop culture, Drew has been able to host a number of pop culture podcasts. Some of them are Hypecast, Schmoedown, Movie Trivia, and Poddamn America.

Drew’s Expression using her Work

Drew is an alumnus of Oberlin University. Since graduating in 2006, she has had an amazing career. Although she started with small publications, she now owns her own podcast. This is definitely a big achievement for a woman and for a writer.

Drew’s freedom to express herself can be attributed to her illustrious career. To get a good understanding of Drew’s level, you will need to take a look at some of the samples of her work, as well as at her writings.

Although Drew is famous for covering pop culture, she is not limited to just pop culture. She has also done writing under politics. In this write-up, she focused on American President: Donald Trump. While this article still has a thing or do to do with entertainment, it goes a long way to show how much of a versatile writer Drew is.

The jobs she did working for Maxim as a freelance writer are great. However, there is more to Drew’s ability as a writer. It is important to note how talented she is as a fiction writer. While working at Salon.Com, Drew did a bit of fiction writing. Some of her fiction writings are centered on popular actors like Charlie Sheen and James Franco. Furthermore, she has written reviews for lots of horror movies.

Since Drew has majored as a pop culture writer, she is very familiar with the glamor that envelops Hollywood. This is not strange as she has spent time with some of the biggest celebrities in Hollywood. Some of the people she has had to interview are Jessica Simpson, Tracy Morgan, Jay Z, etc.

Although Drew Grant has written a number of fiction pieces, one of the most prominent is the piece she wrote about Bret Easton. This piece did not go unnoticed. It got lots of responses from various publications. Drew got both rave reviews from the political scene and reviews from Entertainment weekly after writing about Bret Easton.

Drew writing about Bret Easton impressed Sarah Palin. This was obvious after she retweeted a mention that Grant received from Keith Staskeiwicz.

How Does Drew Grant Manage Downtime

Drew has done a lot for herself and the many accolades she has received in the course of her career is something she should be proud of. While Drew got recognitions from Sarah Palin and Entertainment Weekly, other individuals and publications also reacted to her writing. Some of these publications are the Village and New York Magazine

Drew is multi-talented and very busy. It, is, therefore, easy to assume that all she does is work. Well, if you are of this notion, you are wrong. Apart from spending a lot of time working, Drew spends time alone. So long relaxing is concerned, she is no different from the average person.

When Drew is not busy with her podcasts or with articles, she runs a blog through Tumblr. On this platform, she puts up contents that have nothing to do with her profession.

In addition to blogging, Drew also spends time on social media. She has a reputation for posting and retweeting about culture and news. Although a private person to some degree, Drew takes advantage of twitter in expressing herself properly.

What is Drew’s Love Life Like?

So far, Drew has been able to properly manage her career. Lots of people consider her to be multi-talented. Also, she does not shy away from expressing herself. Although Drew has done very well with her career, it does not appear that she has done the same with her love life.

Drew’s love life can be traced to 2010 when she met Ari Melber. This took place in a social function. At this time, Melber was working as a lawyer while Drew worked for Salon Media Group. They dated for three years and got married in2014. The wedding ceremony was private. Due to this, only family and close friends were in attendance.

Although Drew and Ari seemed to have started on a good note, their love did not last the test of time as they got divorced in 2014. A lot of people considered this to be a huge shock as they had a reputation for being affectionate.  The reason for their divorce was not revealed, however, sources close to the family made it known that the reason for the end of the marriage was infidelity.

There are rumors that Drew and Ari could not continue as a couple because of infidelity. Also, these rumors suggest that Drew was the unfaithful one. According to sources, while the marriage between Drew and Ari was on, she was already in an affair with Richard Alexander her current lover.

While there were rumors that Drew was already with Richard Alexander while her marriage to Ari was still on, she and Richard Alexander began dating officially in June 2017.

How much is Drew Grant Worth

Drew might not be as rich as your favorite celebrity. She, however, has a healthy net worth. With a yearly salary believed to be $53,000, she has a net worth of $500,000.

Her net worth can be attributed to her years as a successful writer in various publications, her TV appearances, and her time as a freelance writer.

What are the Most Recent Happenings with Drew?

Generally, it is believed that Drew is a private person and has not disclosed much about what her life was like before she became famous. She is also active in social media. Fans can connect with her on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. On these various social media platforms, she puts up her thoughts and personal opinions about various issues. This can give fans an idea of her view of life, as well as what her private life is like.