Women’s hairstylist Judy Jetson

Good lord, do we ever need a haircut. And we mean in a serious, flippy-pieces, split-ends kind of way. When we finally learn how to use a telephone, we’ll be heading down to this beloved Cambridge hair salon. The hipsters-cum-stylists aren’t afraid to freakify your ‘do, if that’s what you’re in the market for. If not, it’s still a great place to get a solid haircut. Either way, the folks at Judy won’t clean out your funds—the prices here are pretty reasonable. Come for the cuts, and stay for the scrap-metal-redux interior even the Jetson girl herself would feel at home in. [1765 Mass. Ave., Cambridge. 617.354.2628]

 Runners-up: Liquid, Boston; James Joseph, Boston; Fresh Hair, JP

 Men’s hairstylist State Street Barbers

It took us a while to get over the fact that the South End’s State Street Barbers is actually on Washington Street. But we did, and now many of us have been going there since. A transplant from Chicago, State Street offers a classic, non-emasculating barbershop experience, complete with dark wood, good music, your choice of beverage, the best straight-razor shave in town, and, of course, a mean chop. They even throw in a jackhammer shoulder massage. The price ($29 and up) may seem steep for those accustomed to $10 Medford-kid haircuts, but it’s totally worth it. Plus, they have a whole array of posh shaving apparatus, if you’re burned out on your Gillette. [1313 Washington St., South End, Boston. 617.753.9990. statestreetbarbers.com]

 Runners-up: Shag, Boston; La Flamme, Harvard Sq., Cambridge; Andre Hair Salon, Cambridge

 Spa Urban Oasis

The fact that Urban Oasis is like a block away from the Abbey Lounge makes us love Inman Square. This small, full-service spa, mercifully free of any creepy New Age influence, is a godsend for the stressed local masses—particularly the hot tubs. You can get a private, two-person tub for 30 minutes, for a measly $38 (bring your own music); or reserve a half-hour in the community tub for $10. Beyond the tubs, Urban Oasis offers massage therapy and “frequent soaker” discounts. The facilities are simply furnished and immaculate, and the people are cool. What more could you want? [243 Hampshire St., Inman Sq., Cambridge. 617.491.0176. urbanoasiscambridge.com]

 Runners-up: G2O, Boston; Bella Sante, Boston; Dellaria, Boston

 Yoga Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga

We always imagined our journey into power involving at least a dozen torched villages and the blood of infidels spilled all over our nice shoes—but maybe it doesn’t have to go down like that. Thanks to you readers, we’re now aware of the power of Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga. It’s not just breathing, stretching and holding compromising poses—or maybe it is, but it ends up being a lot more. They offer classes, workshops, international yoga retreats and boot camps (for the hardcore curious) and even private training for the shy and/or flatulent. Beautiful facilities, friendly instructors and reasonable rates make Baptiste the perfect place to conquer one’s spiritual blockages without slaughtering tens of thousands of people in the process. [139 Columbus Ave., Boston. 617.423.9642; 2000 Mass. Ave., Cambridge. 617.661.9642; 25 Harvard St., Brookline. 617.232.9642. baronbaptiste.com]

 Runners-up: Exhale, Boston; Om City, Cambridge; Karma Yoga, Cambridge

 Best gym Healthworks

Either the dudes who read our paper are a bunch of lardy, gym-shunning swine, or else the women-only Healthworks owns the Boston gym scene so hard they don’t need the male vote to sweep our readers’ choice awards two years in a row. (We suspect both.) Their five local gyms have plenty of up-to-date equipment, tons of free weights, a good variety of classes, tasty-health-food cafés, free childcare and the most pristine locker rooms a $39 student membership can get you into. There’s a huge rock climbing wall at the Brookline gym, and a full-service day spa at Chestnut Hill. Really, the only thing missing is a pool. But pools are usually full of other people’s pee anyway, so no big loss. [Various locations. healthworksfitness.com]

 Runners-up: Body Evolver, Boston; Boston Sports Clubs, various locations; The Sports Club/LA, Boston


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