The article by Liam Scheff was excellent – journalism at its best. For too long journalists have blindly accepted what officials have espoused without critical analysis. This cannot be said of Liam Scheff, who highlighted some major inconsistencies in the HIV dogma.

No doubt there will be a myriad of people fulminating against this article – but why? Do they not believe in freedom of views? Banning alternative opinions is surely tantamount to making this issue a religion. I feel, whatever the truth, that people should evaluate what they perceive as ‘true.’ Without dissecting the relevant journals, we are left with someone’s word as fact. Maybe we should all be a little more skeptical and inquisitive – attributes shown in this article.

R. Teperek UK

Dear Editor

Liam Scheff’s article “The AIDS Debate: The Most Controversial Story You’ve Never Heard” is an exemplary piece of journalism – a refreshing oasis of enlightenment and critique, surrounded as it is by a vast desert of unquestioning acceptance and parroting of HIV/AIDS dogma. All credit to you and the author for the journalistic integrity you have shown. You are invited to visit my Web site on this issue: http://www.geocities.com/pharmharm

Best regards

John Kirkham


The HIV-AIDS article by Liam Scheff is simply outstanding … the integrity and knowledge of Rasnick, Duesberg and Richards are the highest … the HIV fraud shouts out from the interview … Congratulations for printing it … do some more … one on S. Africa and Pres. Mbeki …and the Clinton administration becoming so bothered by the potential exposure of the international crime that they declared AIDS a threat to national security, which brought in the CIA thugs who did their best to demonize Mbeki … one of the worst scenarios of all time.

Light to us all……John Chandler

Dear Editor

Thanks for that great article by Liam Scheff. Your readers may like to know that a fully referenced analysis I have written about the amazing illusions that have arisen over AIDS appears in the current Journal of Scientific Exploration, volume 17, number 1, pp 87-120 ([email protected]). The title of the article is “AIDS: Scientific or Viral Catastrophe?”

In an editorial, Professor Henry Bauer, professor emeritus of chemistry and science studies and dean emeritus of arts and sciences at Virginia Polytechnic and State University, comments: “So ingrained is the notion that HIV=AIDS that one needs to ponder not only the science underlying that hypothesis (or rather the lack of science!), one also needs to understand how this shibboleth became so firmly established as to be impervious to all evidence and even common sense. It is therefore necessary as well as appropriate that Hodgkinson’s essay deals not only with scientific aspects but also with historical, sociological and chronological issues.”

Yours truly,

Neville Hodgkinson



Dear Weekly Dig:

This, from Mexico City. Thanks for the excellent piece on “the AIDS DEBATE!” A sign there is still intelligent life, wherever you are. This AIDS is the biggest boondoogle, pork barrel, political and pseudo-scientific mess the world has ever seen in the field of medicine.

Just yesterday, our First Lady, Mrs. Fox, was in the papers, commiserating with the public on the menacing threat of AIDS. The official funds for “fighting AIDS” are multiplying from year to year. Yummy for the labs, for the official agencies handling the funds, for the bureaucracy, for the medical experts! Not such good news for those who are going to get sick and die – on the purported remedies.

Thanks for an excellent exposition of the enormous mistake – or fraud, if you will – committed by the medical, scientific, pharmaceutical and political groups who have insisted on not listening to voices of reason like yourself.

This article will give them all heartburn. Keep at it.


Hugo Salinas Price

Mexico City

Dear Editor,

Congratulations for outstanding article by Liam Scheff. For the first time in the history of the Aids debate we have the argument set out in one take.

Scheff’s editing of the dialogue is remarkable. I have taken the liberty of forwarding far and wide in South Africa.

I will monitor the debate and look forward to further adventures of Drs Duesberg, Rasnick and Richards. They make a great trio.

Anita Allen

Sandton, South Africa

Dear Mr. Scheff,

Christine M sent me your interview with Peter Duesberg et al. You are courageous and have done a great job. Well done and please keep it up.

May we confirm that proof of the existence of HIV is predicated on its isolation and purification. No scientist has done that. May I suggest you look at the attached as well as the Online debate at the BMJ at

http://bmj.com/cgi/eletters/326/7387/495#31507 There are also presentations at our website which tell the sad story.

Another great article (of ours, Papadopulos and the Perth group) is The Yin and Yang of HIV as well as the Interview with Christine Johnson (a US scientific journalist). All at www.theperthgroup.com/aids

Kind regards,

Val Turner MD


Western Australia

PS. The last debate is an essay that deals with the reluctance of our good friend and colleague Peter D to take on the isolation issue. However, in our view, no one will ever win this debate while the laboratory phenomena said to prove the existence of HIV are taken as gospel. You only have to look at the history of the rise and fall of HL23V, the world’s “first” human retrovirus, to know this is true.


Thank you Liam for being courageous enough to publish this article. Undoubtedly you will receive some backlash from the AIDS Orthodoxy however there are a growing number of people who are beginning to realize that the HIV=AIDS Theory does not add up. Thanks to people like yourself the word is getting out that there is another side to the story that has some extremely critical points worthy of discussion and examination. Please continue your efforts.


Curtis Clay

Hello there!

Bravo to the Weekly Dig for running the article/interview on the continuing “HIV/AIDS” controversy. Myself diagnosed with HIV & AIDS over 15 years ago, I realized that something was wrong with the HIV/AIDS theory and went on a path of natural therapy for immune dysfunction. Within 3 yrs after I stopped taking the toxic (and mostly useless) meds, I was back in a place of very good health.

One activist or doctor (I forget who) used the word “proven” when telling me what path I should follow … I responded by asking what those methods we’re proven to do …”kill people and make money for the medical establishment?” Had I gone with those “proven” methods, I’d be dead. No one has yet seen HIV treatment from western medicine models cure a single person of AIDS … isn’t that convenient, to claim there’s no cure, yet still poison and kill millions of people for profit.

I’m truly thankful for the people in NYC in the early 90’s who were speaking out and saying, “hey, something’s wrong here!” The medical industry rammed legislation through without even having all the needed scientific evidence to back up their flimsy theories. On the other hand, they made billions of dollars for their investors, some of who reside in congress and the FDA.

Thanks to those people, I’m alive and healthy today. It’s truly a gift to be able to share what I know with the 10,000+ monthly readers of Q Northeast Magazine. Keep up the great work, Liam!


Wes Bennett

Editor/Art Director

Qnortheast Magazine


Congratulations on your clear and balanced article on the AIDS issue and the “scientific” dishonesties that lie behind it. I have been following this matter for eight years and it is often disheartening to consider how the AIDS industry has managed to suppress this information. Most people don’t even know there IS an AIDS debate.

One of the reasons this has been possible, I believe, is that it is difficult for non-scientists to understand what has happened. Those who venture to understand it tend to give up, thinking something along the lines of “so many experts couldn’t be wrong.” Well they could, and your article makes it much easier to understand why.

Thank you. Your article gives me a glimmer of hope that some day this scandal will be revealed for what it is and the AIDS industry will come crumbling down. At least then, both the dishonest and the well-intentioned so-called AIDS experts will stop poisoning and killing people with AIDS drugs.


Fiona Brichaut

Dear Editor,

I implore you to continue to muster the strength and resources you will soon find you need when you express dissent on the established view of HIV/AIDS.  Unlike doctors, researchers, thousands of AIDS service employees, drug industry representatives as well as anyone who prefers to not be thought of by their friends or colleagues as ill-informed, ignorant, reckless, dangerous, insane, evil or just plain stupid, you, as the media are alone in being relatively insulated from the wrath of the AIDS industry’s henchman.  The message that science must rethink AIDS is vital.  Unfortunately it continues to deliberately be denied a forum.  Mr. Scheff and The Dig, it is certain to cost you plenty so be strong and prepare for a helluva fight.  If you think I overstate the consequences of AIDS dissent than why don’t you announce to your readers the addition of Mr. Scheff’s point of view as a permanent running column in your publication.  We’ll see fireworks well before the fourth of July!


Dr. Jeffrey C. Hilton

Miami Shores, FL


Excellent to see some reporting on AIDS rather than the usual WHO press release. Great work by Liam Scheff. I am glad to have found your newspaper.

Ken Anderlini

Aldergrove, B.C., Canada

Mr. Scheff,

I heartily commend you, your editor and all at The Weekly Dig for the publication of “The AIDS Debate: The Most Controversial Story You’ve Never Heard”. Many, including myself, are not new to it at all and know only too well from experience to keep our mouths shut in circumstances that one might otherwise consider very good opportunities to talk at length about it. The fervor and passions of those most directly affected by so-called “HIV/AIDS” are not something for anyone not willing to endure a kind of explosively emotionalist confrontation more typical of what to expect had you just threatened their lives.

Possibly the most enraged response to such a presentation would come from nowhere other than “academia” where an impervious “group-think” has existed for nearly 20 years. Remember, you are not only taking the equivalent of a deeply-held “religion” to task but you are also calling into question their right to many millions and billions of dollars in funding. The “story you’ve never heard” is very rarely told and only pops up here and there infrequently from random time to time. “The Weekly Dig” is one of the very few publications keeping it from its final burial of economic censorship for incalculable years.

Thank you and thank The Dig for something the two “Major Boston Tabloids” would never, ever publish.


George C. O’Connor

Revere, MA



Thank you to the editors of the Dig for allowing Scheff’s AIDS debate to be voiced.  Of course it’s not a new debate, but most people have never been given the chance to hear about it as the HIV/AIDS bastion in government Health, the media, and the Gay Community censor it every chance they get.   God help those unsuspecting believers in HIV/AIDS who allow themselves to be tested and subjected to these toxic “non-cures” that make cancer chemo-medicine seem humane in comparison. Now let’s start asking the same questions about SARS, so in 20 years we won’t be rehashing the same absurdities in an attempt to reeducate a public that has been allowed to fear the worst, because they never had the sense to QUESTION.

William Carl


Dear Editor:

Thanks so much for having the courage and tenacity to publish stories from perspectives other than that of the “AIDS establishment”.

Liam Scheff is to be commended for actually digging into this story, rather than parroting what we are being told by those who control the labs that do most of the work on HIV.

I’m a college Biology professor, and the official story has never stood up to careful scrutiny, or even to the test of common sense.  People are dying, money is being wasted, and the only way to arrive at the truth is to examine every facet of this story without preconceptions.

Your willingness to publish alternatives to the “official line” is an important step in bringing the honest examination of the HIV/AIDS story a little bit closer.

I e-mailed the link to the first article to my Biology colleagues (who are VERY skeptical of any skepticism of the conventional wisdom in this area) as well as to all my Biological Foundations students. I included the first paragraph to whet their interest, and anyone asking questions about this subject is referred to Christine Maggiore’s book What If Everything You Thought You Knew About AIDS Was Wrong.

Thanks again for writing about HIV-AIDS. We need real science in the HIV labs.



I just read “The AIDS Debate” by Liam Scheff. Fabulous piece!

Betty Best

San Francisco


Thanks for your courage in publishing this article.

S. Lee, Registered Nutritional Medicine Practitioner


My name is John and “THANK YOU” for the writing the article. I am one of the many people who was told I was HIV POZ after a test. In my disbelief for how this could have been possible knowing me, my sexual habits and life style, I went in search of facts and solid answers.

In spite of my doctors grave warning that I needed pills right away and that my viral load was up high and I had a low very low cd4 count. I held off until I read more on the topic. Not feeling sick at all (other then from the news from my test results), I questioned it all. When I gave my doctor books and articles to read he dismissed the notion that there where other views on the subject.

In spite of him and many others who tell me I was a fool. The proof is in the pudding. I am a healthy 38-year-old guy, who rarely if ever even gets the common cold from my co-workers in the office. Where in my office, somebody always has some kind of bug. So here it is, 4 years down the road, and I am fit and fine as a fiddle.

Some might think “Oh, he is lucky,” but it is not luck at all. It’s called taking charge of your life and living as an example for others. Thank you for your braveness in helping to get the word out.

Most people laughed when they where told the world was round and not flat. Those who did not laugh went on to make it a better place. I respect you for the words you put to paper, “Oh, how mighty knowledge is.”

Respectfully yours,



My sincere and heartfelt congratulations to you, Mr. Scheff, for being brave enough to publish the plain truth about AIDS and HIV, objectively told by some of the most eminent researchers in the field without any vested interests.

There are hundreds more supremely qualified and experienced experts all over the world who are of the same opinion, based on impeccable science (see for example the websites www.virusmyth.org

www.aidsRC.org and www.aliveandwell.org ) but they are all being censored, ridiculed and persecuted by the official medico-political establishment for reasons that are neither medical nor humanitarian, and least of all scientific.

Please continue this line of reporting for the benefit of the sick and of the population in general! It´s high time people get to see the other side of the story, and finally realize how they have been deceived for nearly two decades. Quite the opposite of true science, they have been the victims of a highly imaginative – and profitable! – propagandistic indoctrination campaign, bordering on psychological terror, and allowing no open scientific debate.

I hope the tide has now turned. THANK YOU!

Professor Jens Jerndal, M.D.,M.Sc.,D.Sc.h.c.

Dear Weekly Dig,

Thank you, thank you, thank you! You have done something few people or organizations have the nerve to do: stare Godzilla right in the eye and challenge him to a fight.

Your article about the AIDS lie, in breathtakingly simple language, destroyed the ridiculous arguments that have cost so many people their respect, their dignity, and their lives. I almost became one of their statistics. I was diagnosed HIV positive on February 9, 1996 at the age of 27. I remember that day vividly as the beginning of my second life, a life of fear and anger and resentment. I lived as a homosexual until I was 25, when I had decided that I wanted to live a different life. I gave up that lifestyle willingly. Then, when I was preparing to date a young lady I was interested in, I decided for her sake, to get tested. The results were, as you can imagine, shattering.

I went to the best AIDS doctor in the area to “save” me from death. I figured, “Hey, I have great insurance, which is better than most people can afford, so I should be okay.” What idiotic reasoning on my part! I went to the doctor, where it was explained that I would die in a couple of years. Then I was given The Prescriptions: AZT and protease inhibitors. I sat those prescriptions on my kitchen counter, where they remained unfilled for a year. I had seen so many friends die in front of me because of toxic drugs I didn’t trust. I decided I’d rather die naturally than on poison.

Then I came across Christine Maggiore and her book, “What if everything you thought you knew about AIDS was wrong?” I read it in a matter of hours, and when I finished, I threw away everything else I had on the subject. I never felt more alive, and I’ve never looked back.

It’s been a long time since I discovered the AIDS thing…I’ve never been sick in any way. This is an awful, revolting, and horrendous crime that has been committed against the people of the earth. This lie has destroyed so many, and ruined the lives of many others. I think about people like Ryan White, who was taunted and humiliated during his brief life, and then force-fed AIDS drugs while being made into a poster boy as he died. The perpetrators of this act deserve what is coming for their atrocity, one that rivals Hitler’s ethnic cleansing techniques in scope, hatred, and evil.

As for me, I feel fortunate to escape, but my memory is forever scarred by those who didn’t.

Thank you again,

Sammy Ray

To the Author (Editors, Advertisers, Powers-That-Be, etc.)

I am writing to thank you for this lucid discussion involving three eminent, articulate scientists who have studied the insanity that has been the AIDS cult for years. They are speaking in scientific terms, inviting debate and disproof. I have seen letters in honored medical journals and newspapers from “scientists” who are heavily – financially – involved in AIDS, Inc., letters that have been attacks on these folks and others (Christine Maggiore, the Perth group, etc.), letters that sound like hate mail to a local disk jockey. When asked to respond to the accusations against the AIDS hypotheses with proof, there are only rhetorical, denigratory responses. They cite hundreds of studies, but none that speak to these points. They cannot refute these points.

The so-called AIDS dissidents are mainly (radicals excluded – there are always radicals) concerned individuals, who believe in the anti-AIDS arguments, and who ask – again and again – for logical, empirical refutation. It is never forthcoming. While learning about the dissidents, and eventually joining their cause, I have met many people who were declared HIV positive years ago, never took the ‘cure,’ and are healthy, happy human beings. I met one young man who never took the drugs but whose lovers did – they are all dead now. To me, this is a case of the Emperor’s New Clothes in 21st century garb, far more diaphanous than the original, and far more sinister. Given the horrors I believe to have ensued from the establishment and funding of AIDS, Inc. – billions of dollars lost and now governmental enforcement of police brutality in applying these cocktails of death – I am even more terrified at a possible future in a fascistic police state in which diseases are declared overnight, drugs produced after testing on three generations of rats, and then people forced to take the drugs.

Generally, I do not believe in conspiracy theories. I don’t now, in fact. I find human beings remarkably incapable of supporting conspiracies without greed, stupidity, and gullibility interfering and breaking the group down. The bigger the group, the quicker the breakdown. I do, however, believe an animal has grown Godzilla-like out of good intentions to be a pharmaceutical-insurance-medical-government monster that lives not from conscious conspiracy, but from the need to absorb as much money as it possibly can, while glowing in an aura of something that once was science. It doesn’t want to rule the world – it is just blankly going about doing it.

A few people have assaulted this megalith. The dissidents are castigated – these men and women have actually been called killers – derided, scorned – the usual cultish invective. But still they speak out. In this column you have presented views that are solely claims to truth. No one screams that they have final information about anything. They just go about suggesting that those in the know are in fact wrong, much as Socrates, Christ, and others have. Your column has given truth the possibility of being discussed. Anyone can write to you and refute these gentlemen. From what I have seen in the past five years, I will be surprised if an iota of factual evidence appears, but will expect much diatribe and name-calling.

Who will stop the new powers that hide behind white coats and Standard & Poor’s ratings, if columns like yours fall by the wayside, or if Duesberg, Rasnick, and Richards are silenced? ‘Don’t mind them, Johnny … just take your medicine.’ This is a country that scourges the world for producing drugs we don’t like – heroin, cocaine, marijuana – and yet we – my country – the country of Washington, Adams, Jefferson – now invest television with soma ads, so we can all be happy. ‘Just … take … the medicine.’

I hope your courage holds up and your willingness to broadcast the variant opinion takes you far. Thank you for your column.

William F. Daly


Thanks for keeping the fight alive. I have been positive for 9 years, and I did take medications for 3 of those years only because I was depressed and was not clearly thinking about all the side effects, and I just wanted to die like everyone said I would. When I stopped taking my meds, my doctor told me I would eventually get sick and maybe die. My decision to stop taking meds was because of too many unanswered questions that made no sense like I have never been sick, my viral load and T-cell counts have been all over the page whether I was on meds or not. I have had full-blown AIDS twice. I was told I was a slow progressor of HIV or the HIV virus that was in me was not strong enough to make me sick at least not yet. Well, I am still here very healthy and loving life, and I don’t fall into the group of thinking life is over because I am HIV positive. Something just doesn’t add up on the theory HIV causes AIDS, and I am happy to see people like you questioning the theory of AIDS so others can read and get better informed.

Thank You,


Dear Weekly Dig,

I just wanted to thank you for publishing Liams article on HIV. I myself have been HIV+ for 12 years. The only time I was sick was when I was on the meds. It is very good to bring all these points up to the general populace. It is very hard to go against the “normal tide” of things…Good for you.

Thanks, Erik Dahlgren

Dear Liam,

I applaud your very courageous and extremely important article on the HIV/AIDS debate in the latest issue of the Boston Weekly Dig.  This is the kind of coverage and debate that has been reprehensibly censored at the highest levels of our government, health institutes, medical professionals and media.  The damage done by Robert Gallo’s unproven announcement in 1984 before the entire world that HIV is the probable cause of AIDS has wreaked havoc, destruction and death on hundreds of thousands of people in this country alone.  The administration of AZT, protease inhibitors and all other anitretrovirals indeed constitutes medical genocide of the American people and people around the world and should be stopped.  A thorough examination and investigation into the NIH and the CDC officials should be conducted and the people in these high positions, namely Robert Gallo, Anthony Fauci and Helene Gayle should be investigated and prosecuted for misinforming the American public about this syndrome, its causes and the treatments used to treat people with severely damaged, or not damaged, immune systems.

Dr. Peter Duesberg, Dr. Eleni Papadopulos-Eleopulos, Dr. Kary Mullis, Dr. Mohammed Al-Bayati, Dr. David Rasnick, Dr. Robert Giraldo, Christine Maggiore and so many others should be applauded for their unrelenting questioning of HIV/AIDS and for their monumental effort to bring the truth to the world and to the American public.  As your article points out, the evidence is indeed irrefutable that HIV does not kill t-cells and that it is impossible for it to be doing the extraordinary damage it is purported to be doing to the immune system.  Peter Duesberg and Eleni Papadopulos-Eleopulos have been asserting this in their scientific articles and books for nearly two decades, almost completely unbeknownst to the American public.  Peter Duesberg has the highest scientific credentials and has been completely censored by the National Institutes of Health for the last 16 years.  Kary Mullis invented PCR (polymerase chain reaction), for which he won the Nobel Prize and the Japan Prize in 1993.  Mullis has been outspoken about his position that HIV is not the cause of AIDS and that his invention, PCR, is not accurately or responsibly being used by the American health institutes and medical professionals to measure “viral load”.  If they have questions about it, maybe they should address them to the expert on the subject, the man responsible for the invention.

Celia Farber, Neville Hodgkinson and John Lauritsen have been some of the very few journalists that have been accurately reporting on AIDS and HIV for years, and they should be applauded for their efforts.

I ardently hope that you continue your coverage and pursuit of the truth on this issue, so that maybe the major American media will follow suit and do the kind of investigative and accurate reporting on this subject that they have reprehensibly failed to do so far.


Michel Beauchemin

Dear Mr. Scheff,

Your balanced and insightful coverage of the AIDS/HIV story gives me hope that this controversy will be thoughtfully considered by all people. As a person with a highly personal interest and opinion of the issue, it has been difficult for me to keep an impartial tone. My younger brother was poisoned to death by AZT in 1994. The implications of your story question the integrity of all medical and scientific research of the past 40 years, as well as the failures of the public health infrastructure.

Please keep this story alive. The fate of millions of Africans, Chinese and other people of developing regions are sealed if the damages of chemotherapy for HIV is not understood. I wish you strength in your pursuit of the truth and offer you my assistance in any way possible.


Jim Proser

Dear Weekly Dig,

I have been following this whole thing for 13 years, and I can say without reservation that I have tried very, very hard to refute it all of those 13 years — and no one has given me a cogent argument or intelligent answer to my questions except the “dissident” scientists. (The mainstream scientists just yell over the phone.)

AIDS is a circular reasoning — you have AIDS because you have HIV, so if you have HIV you are going to get AIDS. Whole industries shiver in fear at the possibility that most people will understand this simple hoax. No wonder they react with such violence — get ready for the death threats, Liam. If you belong to a church, you will not belong to it very soon Say good-bye to your journalistic career. You are now labeled “homophobic,” “racist” and “denialist.” Anything and everything will be thrown at you — but never a cogent argument.

All I have to say to you angry, grief-stricken surviving partners of AIDS victims is, do you want to end this nightmare or not? If you do, look into this, and support those who write and speak out about it.

Elizabeth Ely

New York

Hi there,

Thank you VERY MUCH for publishing alternative views of AIDS in your publication!! I highly support this, and am happy to see this in your publication! Bravo!

Scott Rose

President, ScottWorld Software.

Thanks for presenting accurate info re “hiv”…you may be interested in subscribing to [email protected]

Dear Editor,

I want to thank you for having the guts to print that important article by Liam Scheff concerning the HIV hoax. That you had it on the first page speaks volumes about your concern to pursue the facts instead of parroting a presumed absolute. No doubt there will be some backlash from those who feel threatened by what you have done. But let me say that you haven’t undermined their safe sex programs and their years of “solid” research, you’ve simply undermined their distracting propaganda program and there is nothing solid about their “research.”


Steve Goodman

Dear Weekly Dig,

The Weekly Dig is giving rare coverage to the story of the century. Liam Scheff and the Weekly Dig are doing what the news media have been scared of doing for at least the past fifty years: revealing major blunders and biases of the medical and scientific establishment.

I am a family practice physician who took the time to investigate alternative views on HIV and AIDS while I was in medical school. It has allowed me to help a number of people who improved their health by stopping antiretroviral medications, changing their lifestyles, recreating their relationships with friends and families, and, most importantly, by realizing that their own body is capable of being healthy.

I have had two people who tested HIV negative when I encouraged them to get retested. They had both tested positive on HIV antibody tests years before I met them, and had adopted healthy lifestyles. Now years later, no one thought to suggest that they might have had false positive results, or that the tests used to diagnose HIV infection are completely unreliable.

I have also seen people who test HIV positive and do poorly, whether or not they are taking antiretroviral medications. I encourage people to use a positive HIV test as a sign that their body needs attention and that they may benefit from changes in their approach to health, but terrorizing them into believing they are infected with a deadly virus is simply criminal.

I find that many people see the flaws in HIV theory when they come across them, but doubts surface when they hear angry retorts or bold statements devoid of substance from HIV apologists. HIV apologists may be from scientific or medical circles, where the main loss of prestige would occur, or from people’s own friends and families. I encourage readers of the Weekly Dig’s articles to get past the anger and defensive posturing. Examine this issue for yourselves. One place to start is http://www.virusmyth.net, where hundreds of articles including many from scientific and medical journals are available. Maybe you will be some of the growing people to learn about the story of the century.

Matt Irwin, M.D., M.S.W.

Alexandria, Virginia

To the editor:

For nearly twenty years now, the critics of accepted theories concerning HIV and AIDS have remained cogent and consistent, sensible and scientifically sound. And for all that time theirs has been the world’s most relentlessly suppressed story. Liam Scheff has admirably demonstrated that, for all its complexities, the tale can be straightforward and compelling. That it requires a great deal of courage to present this argument to the public is a telling commentary on how extraordinarily superstitious our society has become. Scheff and the Weekly Dig are to be commended for doing what all journalists everywhere are supposed to do when faced with a taboo.

Frank Lusardi, NY

Dear New Editor:

congratulations and many thanks to everyone at the Dig whose courage and vision made possible publishing of Liam Scheff’s excellent work. It’s time we all examine the facts behind the doom reports coming out of the CDC, UNAIDS etc. Nobody should be given a death sentence based on the results of nonspecific and inacurate tests. The “gay media” need to take a “drug holiday” from advertising antiretroviral meds, and start dealing with the real issues. And the 15 billion (of our tax money) pledged by the administration to fight “AIDS in Africa” via AZT and abstinence programs, should rather be used to provide people there with clean water, and to rein in malaria and other endemic diseases. Your newspaper just gained a new regular reader. I’m very much looking forward to the Part 3 of Mr.Scheff’s Debate, as well as other pieces of truly independent journalism. Keep up the good work!


Alexei Trofimov, PhD,


Dear Weekly Dig,

The singular failure of conventional AIDS anti retroviral therapy has called into question the validity of the supposed scientific explanation for the treatment that is extremely vostly and very ineffective over time. The joutnalistic independence that might shed light on this issue and its corruption of medicine and health will be agreay opportuity to revisit a flawed theory gone manstream and accepted because billions of dollars can be made by perpetuating the error.

Arnold Gore

Consumers Health Freedom Coalition

Dear Editor:

Thank you so much for having the courage to do what few other editors have–cover a dissenting view of the HIV virus, and its role in AIDS infection. I’m not a scientist, nor am I involved in the medical profession in any way, but I am a person who is supposedly “infected” with HIV, so I know of what I speak. I was diagnosed HIV positive in 2000-a shock, as my sexual “profile” did not fit that of the typical gay male infected with HIV. However, after three tests (one inconclusive, two positives) I was told by my doctor that I indeed had contracted the HIV virus.  I was also told something rather astounding: I was urged by my doctor to avoid AIDS medications at all costs-at least until I developed symptoms. I was petrified; to my understanding, the only way to survive AIDS was to “hit hard, hit fast”. I couldn’t understand why my doctor urged me to wait.

What this man did saved my life. He pointed out that far more people are dying due to liver and heart failure (a direct result of “life saving meds”) than AIDS itself. My T-cells were at 690, my viral load was 10,000. Basically, I was healthy by all medical standards except one: I had tested positive for HIV.

I listened to my doctor, despite friends telling me I was foolish. Despite Mathilda Krimm and her cronies saying I would be dead in two years without overpriced and toxic medicines. Despite my “second opinion” doctor telling me I would soon begin an irreversible trend of declining numbers that would cause my death. And what has happened? While my HIV positive (and medicated) friends suffer from liver and pancreatic disease, I am fine. Have my numbers decreased? Yes…they dropped as low as 320 T-cells, and my viral load shot up to 200,000…only to stabilize at 500 T-cells and 20,000 viral load. Every 6 months I am tested. Sometimes my numbers are excellent, sometimes they are so-so. But I haven’t had a symptom, I feel fabulous, and I seriously question if this “virus” exists at all!

Pharmaceutical companies stand to lose a huge amount of income if this “virus” turns out to be a mistake. AIDS service organizations will bankrupt, thus costing many well-meaning administrators their six-figure salaries. Doctors risk HUGE lawsuits from survivors of those who were killed by AZT.

I don’t pretend to have the answers. I only know what my own body tells me. I don’t drink, do drugs, or smoke. I eat well, exercise regularly, and get 8 hours of sleep each night. I avoid stress as much as possible. And, I am healthy. Without toxic medication. This, in itself, should make researchers question the current HIV model. But they won’t…because they have nothing to replace it with. Nothing that will earn them the money that HIV and AIDS meds will.


Michael Liberatore, NY

Dear Editor,


Somehow, the May 7th article on AIDS achieved the bizarre effect of being both horrifying and uplifting, if this is possible.

Liam Scheff’s article deftly put a rapid focus to the blurry HIV theory. We as a nation must wake up to this outrageous pseudo-science wrecking havoc in the lives of real people who rely on the medical establishment for facts and information.

That so many pregnant women and their babies have been treated with toxic drugs to “prevent” a non-contagious and never isolated virus makes my want to cry. How can it possibly be that pregnant women continue to be subjected to flawed HIV testing despite the fact that pregnancy is known to cause false positive test results. Somehow the obvious consistently escapes well-intentioned physicians who continue to stick to the flimsy HIV/AIDS evidence as the truth.

We now have a national public health agenda that will require all pregnant women to have an HIV test and if positive be required a woman to begin drug “treatment” to protect her baby from HIV, all this based on a test that is not even approved by the FDA to provide a diagnosis, only a prognosis.

In the U.S., the health and well being of African-Americans, immigrants, low income people, pregnant women and babies are in grave danger from the mis-guided public health policies enthroned arrogantly upon sketchy, unproven science that totally missed the mark twenty years ago with the advent of HIV = AIDS and continues a sad legacy of misdiagnosis, mis-treatment and mis-management. It is horrible to think of the many people who’s lives have been harmed by bogus, un-proven HIV tests that pretend to determine whether or not a deadly virus is “positively” present in a person’s body, when in fact it does no such thing, and further more cannot detect HIV present in the blood.

Hopefully more public health professionals, M.D.’s and scientists will show sufficient backbone to listen openly to the evidence in this twisted saga of a truth stranger than fiction back story of HIV/AIDS. Perhaps, armed with the evidence (or lack thereof) actually evaluate for themselves the relative merit of the HIV = AIDS theory.

I believe that when medical researchers and physicians begin to start questioning authority and begin to take back their right to think for themselves, the inhabitants of lab coats across America will swiftly take their rightful place as defenders of scientific truth, willing to reject shoddy science, even at the risk of peer rejection.

When the demand for an impartial inquiry into the construction of the HIV/AIDS paradigm begins, one can imagine that the dying-spirit of the medical healer will been given new life.

Sascha Sarnoff, Founder

Health Advocacy in the Public Interest

Santa Barbara CA

Dear Weekly Dig,

I am a graduate student in physiology at Georgetown University School of Medicine, and a future physician (Tulane University School of Medicine, class of 2007), so I have a little bit of scientific knowledge on the topic of “HIV/AIDS”, not to mention a good deal of learning under my belt on human physiology.  I would simply like to state my support for your publication of any and all articles which bring up the question, “Do we really have the right answer for AIDS?”  Though I have yet to come to the same conclusions as Drs. Montagnier or Duesberg, I have seen and heard enough to realize that medical scientists committed the single worst error ever known to clinical medicine – they stopped asking questions.  Please help me and my fellow clinicians, past, present and future, by spreading the word that not everybody believes in HIV/AIDS -they might actually start wondering why.  Dr. Duesberg may yet prove to be wrong, but we already know Dr. Gallo was, so maybe there’s more to the story.


Benjamin Moses

Washington, D.C

It is good to see some alternative AIDS views on the East Coast. The fact that a lot of highly paid, prestigious scientists might lose their jobs if the HIV=AIDS=Death theory was overturned should not be cause to stop the debate.

I have also tried to write on this issue, focusing always on the basic science. Although the pages of some alternative media have been opened for me, major newspapers print hardly any of my letters, and I know that the same is true of other people who try to open the debate.

If it wasn’t that so much twaddle was being printed about viral epidemics, I would figure that it was just my inability to put a coherent sentence together. But, when even much of the science has obvious, gaping, logical holes in it, I start to see a pattern.

A big mistake like I believe that the infectious theory of AIDS is will not be overturned by top scientists or top newspapers. It has to start at the grass roots, and I’m please to see the Boston Dig printing Liam Scheff’s excellent article on the subject.

Perhaps, if you get any coherent replies from people who can explain how HIV causes AIDS (one of the big mysteries of the time) or know which research papers show where and when HIV has ever been purified or perhaps prove that HIV causes all of the AIDS indicator diseases … then you could publish them also.

David Crowe



Liam Scheff – thanks to Christine Maggiore I am aware of your HIV article(s) in the Weekly Dig. Let me first say as a journalist that I consider this combination explanation of the anti-HIV position by its most outstanding researchers to be the best piece gathered in one place that I have read, and I effusively congratulate you for this effort.

I am the founder/publisher/editor of The Newsletter/Magazine of The International Council for Health Freedom (ICHF), now in its sixth year, and editor of the Health Freedom News of the vintage National Health Federation (NHF). Again, my congratulations on your work and I hope to hear from you.

Michael L Culbert

San Diego CA


I was so pleased to read both parts of the recent “AIDS Debate.” It isn’t a new debate at all, but one which deserves much-needed coverage. In my research on the subject while living in South Africa, I found the AIDS “establishment” to be wholly intolerant of opposing views, hiding behind accusations to fend off questions.

It was just taken for granted that HIV had been properly isolated and proven to be that which destroys T-cells. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Deferring money from programs developed to restore basic, healthy living conditions to the poor in Africa (enough to cause immune deficiency on its own, without the help of some supposed virus) to fund free AIDS drugs is an egregious error. If any money should be spent on drugs, it should be for TB and malaria, the real killers in Africa. President Mbeki should be commended for taking a stand against the powerful pharmaceutical industry and demanding proof before he lets South Africa’s coffers be drained supporting the unsound science of the HIV=AIDS=DEATH paradigm. Keep up the good work. Twenty years is too long to go without opposing views being given a fair share of media coverage.

Naomi Watson

Altanta, GA



The article by Liam Scheff in the May 7, 2003 edition of the Weekly Dig that gave the true facts about HIV and AIDS was like a breath of fresh air in the smog of the AIDS Establishment brain washing efforts.  Your paper is to be congratulated for having the courage to take a stand and speak the truth.  I am going to use Scheff’s excellent article to hopefully save the life of a person who has been convinced to take the toxic AIDS drugs by the constant and overwhelming false information put out by most of the media and the medical establishment.  Thanks again for what you have done.


Dick Trostler


I just wanted to thank you for publishing Liam’s article on HIV. I myself have been HIV+ for 12 years. The only time I was sick was when I was on the meds. It is very good to bring all these points up to the general populace. It is very hard to go against the “normal tide” of things…Good for you.

Thanks, Erik Dahlgren

Dear Weekly Dig,

AIDS and HIV is finally starting to make sense. Right from the beginning the AIDS story raised a lot of questions in my mind. I never could reconcile the reports that the there was an infectious virus that was difficult to transmit even with the exchange of body fluids. It was only because of the great numbers of sexual encounter, we were told, that gay men infected each other. Another difficult concept was that essentially no live virus was found in people said to be infected. Lastly why were we trying to develop and use drugs that would destroy HIV when so little if any HIV was found?

Lou Rigali

Oakland CA


Wow, thank you so much!!! This is what I’ve been trying to tell EVERYONE since I first discovered the REAL AIDS STORY just over a year ago. On May 1, 2003, I celebrated the Eleventh Anniversary of my HIV+ diagnosis. If you find it hard to believe this is something to celebrate, it’s true that I have a strange theory. I’ve been drug-free and healthy the whole time. I quit going to doctors in 1998. I found reasons to live and stay healthy, and I love life more than ever! For ten years I was all alone in my belief that I wasn’t going to die a gruesome, painful, hideous death. The last year has been extremely liberating, and I’ve found more and more people who share my viewpoint. Your article(s) will inspire more people to take charge of their own health and make the decisions that will allow them to live. What’s more, it will bring to light the damage being done by greed and ego and failure to admit to one’s mistakes. I almost can’t wait for part 3 of this story and for more on your coverage of HIV/AIDS.



Dear Weekly Dig,

To read journalist Liam Scheffs article “The Most Controversial Story You’ve Never Heard” in Boston Dig was for me as a researching journalist and author on this issue a encouraging to continue my work. The article was very balanced and informative. Asking questions – to look for other ways to see and understand AIDS has for twenty years not been a part of the agenda in the newspapers. Therefore – when Boston Dig seems to have independent thinking journalists like Liam Scheff on its staff, I congratulate you as editor. Scheff is also a lucky journalist who gets the possibility from his editor to work like this.


Eva Lind Karlsen(Norway)

Dear Weekly Dig,

I was very pleased to read recently your articles on AIDS and dissenting viewpoints. In an age in which it seems that reporting of science seems driven by the puffs of PR professionals working almost invisibly for the medico-pharmaceutical complex, it is refreshing to see that some journals are still willing to put time into researching and questioning issues of vital importance. Having closely examined the AIDS dissident

debate a number of times over the years, I am convinced that the issue is both real and vitally important, and it goes to the roots of the nature of democracy and science. Hats off to you guys for daring to go up against the establishment monolith and point out that there are serious flaws with the HIV-AIDS hypothesis. I hope it leads to fruitful

debate, and that you will continue to draw attention to what is perhaps one of the most terrifying errors in the history of modern science.

Best wishes,

John Carville

International Peace Research Institute, Oslo (PRIO)


Dear Editors:

I have read Liam Scheff’s articles questioning the HIV=AIDS hypothesis with great interest. Inky opinion, this is one of the most important suppressed stories of our time. I want to encourage you in the strongest possible terms to support the author and to print more of his contributions in the future.


Rochus Boerner

(Doctoral Student, Mathematics, Arizona State University)

Tempe, AZ



Please continue to cover this. Nobody else is and time will prove them right.  You are on the cutting edge!!

Alan Huth

To the Editor,

Thanks for writing a courageous article chronicling what so few know or will bear hearing.  A positive HIV test result is one of the most damning things that can happen to someone.  Most submitting to the test know nothing of its lack of specificity or its self-admitted worthlessness as a diagnostic tool.  However, the impact a positive result brings is swift and cruel ushering the recipient of a positive test result into a nightmarish world of treatment, infectious disease doctors, counseling, potential criminal liability for spreading HIV, denial of life insurance, and many other nameless indignities.  Worst of all is the sense that one’s life has been dissected into two parts:  life before and after.  Happily, not everyone follows like sheep to the slaughter thanks to enlightened and brave reporters like Mr. Scheff and humane and articulate angels like Christine Maggiore.  Thank you.

W Castillo

Ladies and Gentlemen:

As a medical practitioner for over 30 years,(first as a pharmacist and now as a Doctor of Oriental Medicine) I wish to commend you on the courage you are showing by publishing this very controversial but very much needed alternative information on HIV and Aids. For nearly 20 years now I have watched the Aids “epidemic” feeling frustrated, angry and hopeless as the main-stream media and medical establishment created wholesale death within the gay community through a campaign of fraud, misinformation and cynical suppression of scientific facts. This is indeed thebiggest story of the 20th century, ie. “The most heinous fraud perpetrated in the name of science in modern history” and most reporters are either too stupid, too compromised or too intimidated to even report it!!

The facts are there; they are a matter of record, but it takes knowledge and courage to report them and an open mind to digest them. The tragedy is that within our society there are so few willing or able to take the necessary steps to do that. I applaud you and, believe me, every person who stays off these drugs is another life saved.

Dr. Dennis Kinnane, OMD, LAc, RPh.


I am writing to say congratulations for your courage and your commitment to the truth. Many people are afraid to touch subjects as “touchy” as this AIDS debate. I believe that it is the urgent and controversial issues which deserve the most open communication and active attention — especially in the face of fear and uncertainty. Peoples’ lives are at stake. We need all the truth we can get.  Dialogue and open-mindedness are avenues to this truth.  You are doing the right thing.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

Laura Jane Murphy, NY

Dear Weekly Dig,

You are very brave to put the truth out there the way you have! I am so glad to see your zest for life and your obvious hope that others may find that encouraging enough to make some real lifestyle changes. I love how you hit on the emotional aspects of things and the bigger reasons why the Gay community is afraid to turn away or deny the truth of what these cocktails, drugs(poisons) are doing to them. WOW! I said this on an HIV/AIDS board one time and I had to put my computer in the shop from the viruses I started to receive. Coming from a Hetero, female is the last thing anyone there wanted to hear me say.

But as a caring, humane, individual I had to tell people how they could live a quality life. I would just get back on there and keep posting and answering e-mails and answering Instant message questions and the hardest narrow minded people finally realized I was not going away that easy.

Some did start to listen and eventually we built a common respect that all of us-Gay -straight so forth have the same battle to face and fighting among ourselves only distracts us from the real truth of the matter.

No one but these greedy pharmacy companies win when we get played against one another. The Gay community must know that the lies do not have to continue for the support they deserve. It is so important they know this. IT is imperative that you keep speaking out on these issues.

WE cannot change everybody’s mind as with your friend who sadly lost his eyes to the brainwashing of these doctors and these poisonous drugs, but we can change a life. I may get 50 people who call me wacko-but it’s that one who writes or calls and says Thank you so much if it was not for you I would be dead or crippled and I am so healthy now and so grateful to you for showing me the truth of this whole thing. Those are the ones who make it worth it. Please keep up your honest, integrity-IT does make a difference. Looking forward to reading more from you in the future.


Dinais from Texas

Dear Weekly Dig,

Please continue to publish The AIDS Debate by Liam Scheff. As a former newspaper reporter having been doing my own research for more than ten years, and having been on both sides of the question personally, I find his well-reported insights compelling and useful.

Thank you,

(Name withheld)